Q: How do I vote?

A: Voting will be done exclusively online during a four day ‘live’ period for each round. Everyone can vote, but the second and third round will have volunteer requirements that voters are expected to fulfill.

Q: Do I have to be a member of any particular organization to participate in the Wisconsin Choice vote?

A: No. While we encourage people to get more involved in the initiating organizations of this project—Our Wisconsin Revolution and Wisconsin Working Families Party, you don’t have to be a member of either group to participate in Wisconsin’s Choice. We do encourage everyone to join organizations generally — we can’t change this state and country just as individuals. It really helps to be organized!

Q: Why these candidates?

A: Eligibility to participate in round 1 was based on having declared for the race, participation in at least one Wisconsin’s Choice forum, and affirmation of the values of the campaign. In late May, we held a referendum regarding Josh Pade, a late entering candidate, open to our first round voters. Josh did not make the 60% threshold necessary to be included in round 2.

Q: What is the uniting for Wisconsin pledge?

A: In response to activist inquiries, there was a referendum passed in round two vote which asks candidates make a pledge in order to be eligible to participate in round 3, and receive the potential “People’s Champion” endorsement in July. That pledge would be to unite together after August 14th and any Wisconsin’s Choice candidate that is still in the running. The referendum was open to all participating voters, not decided by campaign staff or executive committee.

Q. How can I get more involved and/or volunteer?

Go here and sign up!

Q: What is the Virtual Forum?

A:  Over the last six months we’ve had forums all across Wisconsin, bringing the candidates together with activists like yourself. If you haven’t had a chance to attend one (or even if you have), we wanted to replicate some of the intimacy and tough questioning of our forums, in an easily digestible online format as you consider your second round vote. You’ll hear the candidates respond to questions from Wisconsinites who have been directly impacted by the Walker agenda. 

Q: Why were the four issues chosen for the second round virtual forum: Health Care, Environment, Wages & Worker Power, and Criminal Justice?

A: These were the issues the majority of voters indicated they wanted to hear more about from the candidates in our “Hiring Committee” survey conducted online and at forums across the state earlier this year. We have additional videos coming ahead of the round three vote!

Q: What is the activist pledge?

A: Defeating the Walker agenda will take each of us rolling up our sleeves and getting to work organizing our communities. That’s why we are asking each Wisconsin’s Choice voter to take one “action” and volunteer at least (approximately) 2 hours between now and the end of round 3. This can be on behalf of  the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign itself or any of the second round candidates.

Your action can be: canvassing, phone banking, peer to peer texting, data entry, organizing or attending a house party, writing a letter to the editor, doing a video telling your story and posting it on social media (please use #wichoose)… you know, getting off the sidelines and involved!

Q: Is round three ranked choice voting like round 1?

A: No. In round three each voter will have one vote to assign to their top candidate. In order to receive the Wisconsin’s Choice endorsement, and title of “People’s Champion”, the top candidate will need to win at least 50%+1 of the total votes. If no candidate reaches this threshold, no endorsement shall be awarded.

Q: Does the Wisconsin’s Choice endorsement also represent an endorsement by Our Wisconsin Revolution, WI Working Families Party, or any other organizational ally involved in the Wisconsin Choice project?

A: No. The Wisconsin’s Choice endorsements is separate from that of any organization, including both OWR and WFP. All organizations participating in the WC process still have the choice to independently endorse the candidate of their choice through their own internal process.

Q: Do I have to vote in all rounds?

A: No. Each round is independent. The only requirement is that you follow through on your activist commitment for the round.

Q: If my favorite candidate gets eliminated, can I still participate?

A: Yes. Voters can do actions on behalf of a still ‘alive’ campaign or Wisconsin’s Choice (this might mean making calls on behalf of the campaign, promoting it on social media, etc.)

Q: What does the candidate who comes out on top — the People’s Champ — get if he or she wins the Wisconsin’s Choice endorsement?

A: An army of the most committed activists in the state! Over the course of this process, we aim to build a grassroots base that will work together to rebuild a Wisconsin that we can be proud of again.

Q: What if there is no endorsement?

A: That’s an important question. If no candidate receives an outright majority (over 50% of the vote) in the final round of voting in early July, we nevertheless hope that you will keep your promise to volunteer in the fall. No matter what, this November is time to take back government for middle-class and working-class people of Wisconsin.