How we will choose our People’s Champion.

Over the last several months, the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign has gone all over the state, bringing voters together with candidates. Voters are enthusiastic about opportunities to directly engage with the candidates, discuss their platforms, and talk about the needs and concerns of voters. Wisconsin’s Choice is driving the conversation in the crowded Democratic field, helping voters discern between candidates and decide who will be the right person to represent the people of Wisconsin as governor.

In pursuit of our ultimate goal — restoring a government in Madison that represents the people– it’s time to narrow the field. We need to begin pushing candidates, and identify who the true leaders are.

That’s why we've began narrowing the field. So far we've hosted two votes, which has us down to just four candidates left in the running for title of People's Champion. Between now and our final vote, we’ll continue going around the state, host forums, and provide further opportunity for Wisconsinites to push the candidates on our key issues. The third and final round kicks off on July 16th and closes at 10PM on the night of July 19th.

This process is not just an internet vote. Electing a people’s champ will require all of us to roll up our sleeves and put the work in to take back Wisconsin. Each round’s vote will be designed to increase grassroots participation over the election and promote unity in the fall.


Requirements for residents to vote: Joining WC list

For candidates to be eligible: They must have declared for the race at least one week before voting starts and have attended at least one Wisconsin’s Choice-sponsored gubernatorial forum.


Requirements for residents to vote: Committing to take at least one action on behalf of one of the round two candidates OR for the Wisconsin’s Choice campaign before our third round vote in mid-July.


Requirements for residents to vote: Must commit to volunteering 10 hours on behalf of People’s Champ during either GOTV or the general election. If no endorsement is reached, commitment is for hours to be transferred to general election if any of the WC final four win primary. For endorsement, candidate must procure the majority of votes (50%+1).